Kirk Herbstreit addresses Major Program’s Fan Base on Twitter


UCLA’s football program has been showing comically poor attendance lately, and ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit just doesn’t understand how this could have happened in the first place.

Referring to the message of a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, Troy Aikman on this occasion, Herbie repeated the opinion of a member of the Hall of Fame, calling the situation “embarrassing.”

“Troy- How is this even possible???” a college football analyst asked. “I know Los Angeles is a big city and there’s a lot going on there, but these constant photos of every UCLA home game like this one, as you said, are embarrassing. Chip and this team deserve the best!!”

UCLA nearly lost the game to South Alabama on Saturday, but an unsuccessful fake shot attempt from the game gave them a chance to break out of the Rose Bowl with a victory.

Aikman and others suggested that it was time for the Bruins to build a stadium on campus, instead of playing in 45 minutes (without traffic in Los Angeles) from Westwood.

But, as the legendary QB said, if they keep playing like this, it will still be half empty.


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