Kirin 985 introduced! Snapdragon challenges 865


Huawei is launching a new processor with 5G support. It has been talked for some time that the company will introduce a new processor with 5G support. Finally, the expected processor came and Kirin 985 was introduced. This processor is not as powerful as Kirin 990, but it is also ambitious enough to compete with Snapdragon 865 with some features.

The expected processor Kirin 985 is introduced!
The new processor introduced by the company offers very ambitious promises. Huawei says this processor combines high performance with low energy consumption. Although it is not a flagship processor, the processor, which is said to give a close performance, will be used in mid-top segment devices.

In the processor that comes out of the 7nm fabrication process and has an 8-core structure; There are one Cortex-A76 core running at 2.58 GHz and three running at 2.4 GHz, and four Cortex-A55 cores with a clock speed of 1.84 GHz.

Another point where the processor has remarkable features is 5G. The maximum download speed supported by the processor was announced as 1277 Mbps and the download speed as 173 Mbps. Compared to Snapdragon 865 processor integrated with Snapdragon X55 modem, Kirin 985’s in this data; it was announced that it was 40 percent better at download speed and 75 percent better at download speed.

It is also stated that the new processor is very successful in terms of energy efficiency. Even Huawei said the processor is 1.5 times better than Snapdragon 865 in this regard.

Kirin 985 AnTuTu score has been announced!
The newly introduced processor also went into the performance test. This processor, designed by Huawei for the middle-upper segment, received 386,045 points from AnTuTu. You can see the test result below.

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At some point, the new processor, which is said to be better than Snapragon 865, is behind 865 with the result of AnTuTu. 865 was able to score more than 500.00 points from the performance test with a reference device.


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