Kirby’s Dream Buffet has an unlikely Smash Bros. cameo.

Nintendo has released the first trailer for Kirby’s Dream Buffet, in which a character from Super Smash Bros. unexpectedly appeared. Games of the Super Smash Bros. series They consist of cross-combat episodes that combine characters from games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft, Dragon Quest, Persona, Metal Gear Solid, Street. Fighter and Fire Emblem. In Super Smash Bros. there are several unique characters that you can call your bosses.
The boss of the original Super Smash Bros. There was a Master Hand, a floating gloved hand that collected characters at the beginning of the game. In Super Smash Bros. Melee is represented by a Crazy Hand, which is a left-handed version of the Hand Wizard. Other bosses from the Super Smash Bros. series include Taboo from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Master Core from Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U and Galim/Dharkon from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Master’s hand has appeared as a boss in every Super Smash Bros. game. and even briefly played in the “World of Light” mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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The official Nintendo UK YouTube channel has uploaded a trailer for Kirby’s Dream Buffet, an upcoming party and racing game in which Kirby races on stages made of sweets and eats as many strawberries as possible. The Kirby’s Dream Buffet trailer shows various variations of Kirby, as well as several Waddle Dee, who appear to be CPU-controlled racers, as their appearance is identical. Kirby’s Dream Buffet trailer also featured an unexpected cameo from some Super Smash Bros. bosses.
Kirby’s Dream Buffet features the hand of a master from Super Smash Bros.
Kirby’s Dream Buffet trailer includes Master Hand and Crazy Hand as they count down to the start of the race. The inclusion of Master Hand and Crazy Hand in the Kirby game may seem strange, but this is not the first time since Master Hand from Super Smash Bros. In fact, he was the boss at Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Both series have a common creator, as Masahiro Sakurai is the brain of both Kirby and Super Smash Bros., so it makes sense that the first original character from Super Smash Bros. will live in the Kirby universe.
It is unclear whether Master Hand and Crazy Hand play a more important role in Kirby’s Dream Buffet, as they can only be seen counting. Kirby’s Dream Buffet is both a racing game and a party game, and it has bonuses that deal damage, so it’s possible that a duo of hands can act as bosses in the game. It is also possible that the Master Hand from Super Smash Bros. can act just like Lakitu in Nintendo’s Mario Kart series of games, helping the fallen Kirby return to the stage in Kirby’s Dream Buffet.