Kirby’s Dream Buffet for Nintendo Switch Announced

Nintendo has published an unexpected announcement on its social networks about the release of Kirby’s Dream Buffet for the Nintendo Switch. In 2022, one highly rated Kirby game has already been released, highly rated Kirby and the Forgotten Land, so it’s surprising that another Kirby game has been announced so soon.
The Kirby series is known for its platformers, but from time to time it dives into other genres. These include fighting games like Kirby Fighters 2, racing games like Kirby’s Air Ride, and even Kirby’s Pinball Land on the original Game Boy. Kirby’s franchise and characters are quite changeable when it comes to putting them into different genres and settings, and Kirby’s own unflappable nature and his basic design allow him to be used in almost any game.
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Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers have already received an additional Kirby game this year, as the N64 app added Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards back in May. 2022 was an important year for Kirby, and it’s getting bigger as the Nintendo YouTube channel announced Kirby’s Dream Buffet, an upcoming racing and party game that will appear exclusively in the Nintendo eShop. Kirby’s Dream Buffer will launch in the summer of 2022, which means that it should appear in the near future.
In Kirby’s Dream Buffet, Kirby and other characters from the Kirby franchise race on stages made of confectionary. The goal of the game is to eat as many strawberries as possible, and the winner will break the scales at the end of the stage. Kirby’s Dream Buffet has stages and party modes, including small battle arenas. Kirby’s characters will also have access to power-ups that resemble Kirby’s infamous “Full Mouth” mode, with a cupcake transformation that attracts the nearest strawberries and a chocolate bar that performs a shock attack, knocking away the nearest racers.
Surprisingly, Nintendo decided to announce a new Kirby game shortly after Nintendo Direct, even though Nintendo Direct specifically focused on third-party studios. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to learn about a new game about Kirby that is in development, especially since it should be released soon. It will be interesting to find out the price and scale of Kirby’s Dream Buffet, especially since there is no indication that it is a free game. In 2022, the Kirby franchise turns 30 years old, and it will be interesting to find out what else Nintendo has prepared for the pink raincoat’s birthday.