Kirby Smart Reacts to College Football Playoff Expansion Decision


In the near future, the college football playoffs will switch to a format involving 12 teams. As a head coach who won a national championship last year, Georgia head coach Kirby Smart probably has some thoughts on this.

Speaking to the media this week, Smart did not want to express support for the changes. He said he is not sure how this change will affect Georgia, and believes that it has both positive and negative sides.

“I do not know how this will personally affect Georgia,” Smart said via On3 Sports. “I hesitate to say that I supported it. I wouldn’t say that I was clearly in one camp compared to the other. I think there is something good and bad in both, and I don’t think we know the consequences of switching to 12 instead of four.

“There was something good in four, and probably there will be something good in the 12th. It’s just that everyone loves change, and it’s continuous.”

Smart noted that there will probably be complaints about 12 teams. He believes that in the end everything will come down to results from year to year.

“Someone will complain about something about 12,” he said. “I really don’t delve into whether it will be beneficial for us or not, because I think it depends from year to year on what kind of team you have and how other teams work in the country.”

In both cases, when Kirby Smart led Georgia to the college Football playoffs, these were the years when his team was one of two SEC teams that came out at the same time.

In his first six seasons at Georgia, Smart had only two seasons with more than one loss in the regular season. His team is likely to make the college football playoffs in at least four of the last five seasons under the new system.

Will the new system benefit Smart and Georgia Bulldogs?


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