Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s Deeper Truths — Franchise Tradition


Kirby and the Forgotten Land surprised several players when it turned out that the game received an E10+ rating from the ESRB for potentially scaring off a younger audience. Since the rating commission wrote that there were scenes in Kirby’s last adventure on Switch that could strike fear into young players, fans were able to conclude that as a result, the villain in the game would be quite monstrous. However, Kirby fans should know that this is nothing new for the series.

After all, many Kirby fans remember being intimidated by images from previous installments of the series, such as Kirby’s Dream Land 3, and games quite often dealt with dark concepts such as obsession, as the minds of some villains are controlled. Kirby and the Forgotten Land has many themes in common with other Kirby games, and they all seem pretty interconnected.

How the forgotten land was forgotten

The environment in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is presented in such a way that players may think that the world found in the game was the victim of some kind of disaster, as in many other similar games before it, but the world in this game was really forgotten, and what was destroyed. The story of the Vondaria Theme Park and its associated characters tells players that people who lived in the Forgotten Land before dreamed of interplanetary travel. The tour record found in Lab Discovera states that once scientists captured ID-F86, the creature from which Elfilin was born, these people finally had the means to travel to the stars, experimenting on them. The guide also says that this planet has been using ID-F86’s warp abilities for 30 years.

The record also shows that the people of this planet have completely left this world, stating that Elfilin, as ID-F87, “has not yet been recovered”, which means that Elfilin was never recaptured before this civilization “entered the land of dreams”. as Leongar says. The phrase “Leader of the Pack of Beasts” almost implies that the people of the Forgotten Land may be the ancestors of those who live in the Land of Dreams. However, the cities and buildings found in the new world resemble Earth more than Kirby’s house. This paints a darker picture for the inhabitants of the Forgotten Earth, as Kirby 64: There is a planet in the Crystal Shards that looks exactly like the frozen Earth, known as the Trembling Star. Considering how many elements the Forgotten Earth takes from the Crystal Fragments, this may be the place where those who used to inhabit the new world found themselves, having left their planet.

The history of the set of animals

While the main society on the planet left the new world and never returned, ID-F86 was left alone in an Eternal Capsule on a planet full of animals. According to their figure’s description as Fecto Forgo, their dreams in the capsule released psychic energy that slowly took control of the animals they reached. Other descriptions of the figures and the names of the levels show that the Beast Pack originated from Originull Wasteland, which has all the remnants of a successful tropical resort. Its borders also coincide with the borders of the Natural Plains and the Coast of Everbay, which implies that the indigenous inhabitants of the Forgotten World left almost eons ago. So long ago that the continent split, and since then evolution has somewhat changed the wildlife.

Kirby had already dealt with a group of enemies turned friends who were obsessed with something much more sinister. Daroach and Squeaks in Kirby: Squeak Squad started out as a small group of rodents who stole Kirby’s cake, but they also stole the treasure chest that sealed the Dark Nebula. Once the Lord of the Underworld was accidentally released by Daroach, he was soon possessed just like Leongar, right down to the purple fur. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse also has a similar plot twist, as Claycia was used by Dark Crafter all the time, as was Leongar. However, something outstanding distinguishes ID-F86 from Dark Crafter and Dark Nebula.

Containment and Suffering ID-F86

ID-F86, also known as Fecto Elfilis, was experimented on for 30 years, and then was locked up and forgotten for another eternity. With this in mind, it would be understandable that the creature is suffering in captivity. In the post-game Kirby and the Forgotten Land, players discover Forgo Dreams — the dream world of ID-F86 as they try to resurrect themselves. The latter area is a distorted version of Lab Discovera, which appears to be torn apart, playing a distorted version of the tour recording and music. “Here we are” and “sample ID-F86” are repeated almost to an annoying level, and the distorted sound returns when players encounter Elphilis for the last time in the image of Chaos Elphilis, whose form is completely created out of hatred for Kirby.

This is very reminiscent of the true nature of what happened to Queen Sectonia, the antagonist of Kirby Triple Deluxe.


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