Kirby And The Forgotten Land, How Much Does It Take Up On Nintendo Switch?


Kirby: The new three-dimensional adventure of the pink ball will be available from next March 25 exclusively for the hybrid. After several deliveries with 2D gameplay, Nintendo is preparing a new video game starring the most gluttonous creature in the industry, with the permission of Pac-Man. Kirby and the Forgotten Land dispenses with two dimensions and offers a three-dimensional adventure set in a world as post-apocalyptic as it is colorful. Through the Nintendo Switch eShop the weight of the game has been announced: you will need at least 5.8 GB free.

For comparison, the previous game, Kirby Star Allies, was only 4GB in size. On the other hand, Super Mario Odyssey, a title that is closer to the playable style of this new Kirby, weighed a total of 5.6 GB. Of course, the figure is likely to change with the release of possible patches, although it is unlikely that there will be a huge difference between the build that is marketed and the following ones.

In a world in crisis, the Waddles Dees are in danger. One by one they are being kidnapped by evil monsters, so Kirby goes to Elfilin with one goal: rescue the captives and save this kingdom from destruction. In fact, as you rescue them, the city will regain its color, as shops and other businesses will open.

For one or two players

Kirby and the Forgotten Land allows you to play the adventure alone, but also allows the presence of a friend. In that case, the second player will control one of the Waddle Dee even on the same console. Among the options is the possibility of managing the two characters with a single Joy-Con. Both have different abilities, which they will have to use skillfully if they want to survive.

The game already has a release date and will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. If there is no last minute change of plans, this new Kirby will be available from next March 25.