Kingstown Mayor Star Taylor Handley Talks About Kyle’s Shocking Moment in Episode 2


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching The Mayor of Kingstown, it’s that no matter how intense the storylines are, they can and almost always will become more extreme. This is especially true for Taylor Handley’s character Kyle Mcluskey, who is just trying to get a regular, not very dangerous day job. However, at the end of the second episode, his new job with the Michigan State Police turned out to be as deadly as his last job in Kingstown. In the upcoming season, Kyle is likely to be influenced by his actions at the end of the last episode, and Handley is here to break down his character’s tipping point.

For some context, during the first season of Kingstown, Kyle was a detective in the city. However, his family wanted him to leave and find another, safer job. After a devastating prison riot in the finale, he left and joined the state police. However, this job also proved to be extremely dangerous, especially after his partner was shot after stopping the car, and Kyle shot two adults in the car. During a conversation with CinemaBlend, Handley revealed what his character went through in the first two episodes, saying:

But this is the worst situation Kyle could be in at the moment. You’ve seen the end of the prison riots, the second season begins three to four weeks after the prison riots. Kyle works for the Michigan State Police, he stops a boat with maple syrup, and he’s in a hurry…

Handley actually posted some behind-the-scenes footage on his Instagram from a maple syrup boat, and you can see how tense his character is at this moment. Although it was actually only the syrup smugglers, his temper was still on edge, especially after the riots. Handley continued his breakdown by saying:

He’s on high alert, just at the cellular level, he’s on high alert because he hasn’t fully figured out what happened to him a few weeks before, which was a very traumatic event. And then, in the second episode, he gets into a situation where he has to discharge his personal weapon, his partner is shot, he has to, you know, destroy the attackers, and then a child turns out to be in the car. I mean, it’s a knockout for this guy. And yet he doesn’t stop.

It’s clear that Kyle has a lot of injuries that need to be unpacked because he’s getting worse. However, Handley explained that he doesn’t think his character is capable of coping with his past.:

If Kyle stops and starts revealing all this trauma, he might just physically explode. It’s a lot, and when you have so much hanging over your head, and you just put it off, put it off, put it off to let a little bit of it out, it all bursts in. And the last thing Kyle wants is to even study any of this. So the way to do it for him is to just stay busy and keep being busy.

So, as Aiden Gillen’s big villain begins to exert more influence on the series, and Kyle’s brother, played by Jeremy Renner, tries to make peace with the prisoners, Kyle will be busy dealing with the consequences of the shooting of these two people. that there was a child in the car.

In addition to Kyle’s intense storyline, one of the show’s creators Hugh Dillon explained that he and Taylor Sheridan are starting to think about the show’s season 3, awaiting renewal, and Jeremy Renner recovering from a snowplow accident, in new episodes of season 2. . So while Renner is healing after breaking dozens of bones, it looks like the show’s creators will be creating even more complex stories for the Kingstown characters, including Kyle.

With all that said, be sure to keep an eye on the TV schedule for 2023 and prepare your Paramount+ subscription, because we’ll learn more about what happens to Kyle after the tipping point as the second season of “Mayor of Kingstown” progresses.

New episodes of the series “Mayor of Kingstown” are released every Sunday on Paramount+.


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