King’s Bounty II looks generic, but fun hands-off


King’s Bounty II will only be released in March 2021 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but we’ve already had a chance to check out about an hour of its gameplay in a hands-off made through a presentation via Discord a invitation from the national representative of developer 1C Entertainment.

From what we could see, the new game should bring good doses of nostalgia for those who started to enjoy strategy and tactical combat RPGs back in 1990, when the first King’s Bounty was launched, but maybe it is too derivative, since nothing of what The presentation that was presented seemed particularly innovative or exciting, at least not to the same extent and impact that the first game achieved at launch.

With the look of a past generation

This time the adventure takes place in a somewhat generic open world, but certainly great by the standards of the genre. Players will have a lot of freedom to explore between battles with their main character, who can be created as a man or a woman. But, at least in the stretch we saw, there didn’t seem to be much to see and do in the open areas.

The campaign is expected to last about 40 hours in all and the look is … just passable enough for a game of this scope, referring to some project done at the end of last generation. So don’t expect a graphics show in the final version, as there is little time left for the project to be finalized, and it shouldn’t be much more beautiful and polished by then. Battles are more interesting than walking and exploration, which can occupy up to 70% of the total playing time.

We will have more than 50 units that will take action from hexagons. Apparently, we will have many possibilities to set up strategies as we see fit, since there is a rich screen of configurations before the fights in which it is possible to cross the data of the units, study their attributes, and then prepare their tactics beforehand.

At least the fighting amuses

During combat your protagonist can offer support with spells and items to the army, and the battles looked quite fun, which is a consolation, since this is what matters most in a game of this type. As long as you don’t mind a well-dated look and style, or the blatant lack of originality, it’s possible that King’s Bounty II will offer some good tens of hours of fighting.

But, from what we saw during the presentation, unfortunately it seems difficult to get too excited about the project. What did you think of what has been shown in the game so far? Looking forward to playing? Tell us in the comments below!


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