Kingpin is the Perfect Villain to Solve the Phase 4 Crossover Problem


The return of Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin, to the MCU may solve the crossover problem that was a problem for Phase 4. The ruthless Wilson Fisk played by Vincent D’Onofrio returned to Disney+ “Hawkeye” in December 2021, and he and Charlie Cox confirmed their return. in the role of Fisk and Daredevil in the upcoming TV series “Echo”. Regardless, their return was the most compelling crossover news Marvel has ever received.

Marvel’s fourth phase has faced a fair amount of criticism for the apparent lack of a visible transition to a larger crossover, especially compared to the Infinity Saga, which included phases 1 through 3. Spider-Man: No Way Home (in which Cox made his first appearance after Daredevil in the MCU in Matt Murdock’s cameo) was by far the MCU’s biggest event since Avengers: Finale, bringing together all three cinematic Spider-Men in a Multiverse-opening story. However, due to the fact that crossovers and team games are one of Marvel’s core products, the MCU has had some problems in Phase 3, a problem that, among other bugs, Kingpin D’Onofrio can easily avoid.

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In addition to the fact that his performance in “Daredevil” has been widely recognized, Wilson Fisk, played by D’Onofrio, stands apart from most of the MCU villains on many levels, not the least of which is the organized crime empire he oversees. It also gives Fisk the ability to act as a common enemy for multiple Marvel heroes, making him the perfect channel for a crossover series. Naturally, two of the others immediately come to mind — Spider-Man and Daredevil.

How Kingpin Can Become a Villain in the MCU Crossover

After three seasons of “Daredevil,” Fisk’s status as Matt Murdoch’s enemy is firmly established. D’Onofrio Hawkeye’s appearance also confirms Fisk’s ability to act as a villain in new earthly conflicts when his paths cross with Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). Then, of course, there’s the Spider-Man of New York’s Friendly Neighborhood.

Having started out as a Spider-Man villain long before he got involved with Daredevil, Fisk as Spidey’s next villain could become the next big crossover of characters from Marvel streaming shows and movies and even give Kingpin his disintegrator cane. The ending of “There is No Way Home” even leaves Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in a situation where a battle with Kingpin may be the most logical next villain for him. First of all, Daredevil and Spider-Man, who have a common enemy in the person of Kingpin, provide all the materials necessary to unite the two heroes.

Kingpin becoming the MCU’s main villain could certainly lead to D’Onofrio’s future as Wilson Fisk. Although there are other villains that Daredevil must face first before he and Fisk face off in the next confrontation, Kingpin as a growing threat in New York is sure to cause his heroic anxiety, as well as other heroes such as Spider-Man and Kate Bishop. In addition to introducing organized crime into the MCU, Wilson Fisk has the power of Kingpin and makes him more prepared to become a crossover villain, which has not been in the MCU since Thanos.


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