Kingdoms of Amalur Finally Pays Its Devs, 9 Years Late


Kingdoms of Amalur, the ambitious project from nine years ago, is finally sending the last payments to its developers. At the time of its release, the game was far from the success it had hoped for, which resulted in the shutdown of its developer 38 Studios and a staff of almost 400 people without pay for their work.

The payments controversy lasted for years and even brought the studio’s founder, former baseball player Curt Schilling, to justice. Schilling was cleared of charges of misusing the game’s investment money, but he still needed to pay his employees.

Now, almost ten years later, the last payments are being made, but not without some “butts”. For starters, devs are reporting that they are only receiving a percentage of what they were due for completion of development. People who were in the same state as the studio, Rhode Island, would be receiving only 14% of what their earnings should be, while those who worked in Maryland would be receiving 20%.

And that wouldn’t be the only problem. Apparently, payers are looking for ex-employees at the addresses they had registered at the time of the game’s release, so many of them aren’t being found to receive.

To clarify, Kingdoms of Amalur was an RPG designed as an MMO, to match games like World of Warcraft. Reckoning, which is better known, was thought of as a campaign game to serve as a prequel to the larger project, and nowadays it has gained a remaster, known as Re-Reckoning.


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