KINGDOM, Top Billboard Scorer Boy Group Debuting In 2021, Releases 3rd Mini Album


KINGDOM is a Korean boy band under GF Entertainment. They debuted on February 18, 2021 with their first mini album [History of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur]. KINGDOM Gained attention not only for their music and talent, but also for their own fictional concept.


The seven members of KINGDOM represent the seven different kings of world history. The group previously announced that they would be bringing up stories related to these seven kings in their first seven releases, and then putting them all together in an eighth release.

The 1st mini album, [History of Kingdom: Part Arthur

The main member of the first album was Arthur. Its name is taken from the myth of the English king who fought against the Saxons. The title of their main song, EXCALIBUR, refers to the sword used by King Arthur.

With future bass beats mixed with powerful synths, EXCALIBUR tells the dramatic story of Arthur’s determination to protect his kingdom. The outfits and dance choreography add a movie-like aura to a song, making KINGDOM an excellent rookie K-pop group, especially for fantasy/fiction connoisseurs.

His second mini album was released on July 1, [History of Kingdom: Part II. Chiwoo], describing the Oriental mythical story from “Kingdom of Clouds”. The main character of this album is Chiwoo, the ruler of the Kingdom of Clouds. The title song KARMA was created based on the sentimental Oriental sound and trendy basslines, expressing Chiwoo’s poignant cry in the face of the world’s misfortune.

Gaining global attention, KARMA managed to make a brilliant debut by achieving a high position on Billboard – ranking no. 8 on the World Digital Song Sales chart. Making KINGDOM the only male idol group to debut in 2021 and make it onto the Billboard chart.

This achievement got them covered by Forbes, one of the biggest global magazines. [History of Kingdom: Part II Chiwoo] also ranked 1st in the Dance category on iTunes Albums charts in the US and Mexico, as well as being in the Top 100 of Apple Music Albums charts in 25 different regions.

After a short break, KINGDOM is back with their long-awaited third mini album, [History of Kingdom: Part lll. Ivan]. This time, KINGDOM sings the mythical story about “Kingdom of Snow”. In the midst of a fierce battle between good and evil, IVAN, the hero of the Kingdom of Snow, is forced to side with the forces of evil for the sake of his kingdom. The title track, BLACK CROWN, refers to the power of evil. Ivan is caught in a dilemma between good and evil.

BLACK CROWN is produced by AllRN:D, the talented producing duo who composed the lead single from the previous two Kingdom albums. In addition to BLACK CROWN and its instrumental version, this album has five more tracks, including self-produced songs by the members – Dann and Mujin, who again contributed to composing and writing their own songs.

[History of Kingdom: Part III. Ivan] will be released on October 21, 2019. This album will be released in two versions – FATE ver. and CHAOS ver. Each version contains different photos of the members, as well as a fictional world map of KINGDOM. But the maps contained in each version are only half of the whole; by pasting the two versions side by side, you will only get the complete map.