Kingdom set suffers fire amid filming


K-Drama momentarily stopped work due to accident that caught production members by surprise

The third season of the Netflix series ‘Kingdom’ suffered a mishap when one of the sets was affected by the flames unleashed accidentally, but the quick actions put everything back to calm.

Since last year, the recordings of Kingdom: Ashin of the North have been developed so that the fans of this production can enjoy the continuation of the story, however, the weather conditions hindered the work of the team and it was then that it originated a fire .

This occurred in one of the castles that are used as part of the set to record the episodes, the snow that covered several parts of the Asian country also invaded areas of this location, so a member of the staff tried to melt it with the help of a Torch.


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The fire caught members of the production off guard, who halted their work to safeguard staff. Thanks to the help of the fire brigade, the fire was eradicated after 1 hour, without damage to any individual.

Despite this, the castle walls made of wood were affected by fire, damaging the structure of the building.

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