Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, demo impressions


We play the demo of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory and we bring you our first impressions of the new title in the Square Enix saga.

Kingdom Hearts is a saga created by Square Enix in collaboration with Disney Studios and designed by Tetsuya Nomura that since its inception in 2002, eighteen years ago, has conquered millions of players around the world. We could say that it is one of the franchises that has appeared on a greater variety of consoles, since we have been able to find exclusive deliveries for PS2, others for Nintendo DS and some even on Game Boy Advance. Throughout all this time he has added up to eight main deliveries and several compilations that bring together more than one of them, mainly intended for PlayStation 4.

What we have not had until now is a musical and rhythm game. Melody of Memory arrives to fill that gap and propose us a challenge with which to enjoy the magnificent soundtrack of the saga. With more than 140 promised themes, we will be able to unlock different characters and challenge our friends to beat our scores or to join us in split-screen local cooperative mode.

After having played the limited demo of the title in question, we bring you our first impressions about this new proposal, which somehow finds its place in the saga and will contain various elements and plot keys that no Kingdom Hearts fan would want to go through high.


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