Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory confirms release date


Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will arrive on November 13 to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The company confirms multiplayer features.

Kingdom Hearts: Memody of Memory is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 13. The Japanese company has confirmed its release date through a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini. Shortly after, she would announce in a tweet that on the same day she will land on PS4 and Xbox One.

In it, players will face the threat of the Heartless in a different way than we are used to. It will be a game of following the rhythm through several of the kingdoms already seen throughout the saga. Boss fights are added to the basic levels on screens where we will have to dodge and attack to the beat of the music.

As you complete the scenarios, you will be able to unlock a music player along with video scenes from several of the key moments in the franchise’s history. It will have multiplayer functionalities through the network and in local mode. As stated in the revealed footage, you can compete against other players to “get the highest score.” The version for Nintendo Switch will feature an exclusive mode. Called for himself who can, up to eight players will be able to participate in the same local session.

Square Enix would not miss the opportunity to continue advancing in the plot plane either. Players will find “a new chapter” of which details are unknown. From today the reservations are opened in their digital edition. At the time of this writing, it already appears in the Nintendo eShop at a price of € 59.99. Although it was obvious, Spanish is one of the confirmed languages.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory spans over 140 songs. As its official description narrates, we will be able to player “with numerous familiar faces from the Kingdom Hearts series, including Disney characters who will give you a hand throughout the game.”


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