Kingdom Hearts: Game Went To Cloud On Switch Due To Space


Kingdom Hearts: Anyone following the news should know that Kingdom Hearts will reach Switch via the cloud. For those who were curious to ask the reason for this choice, Ichiro Hazama, the game’s producer, revealed to the Nintendo Life website that it was because of the space available on the console.

“For some time, Tetsuya Nomura had expressed his desire to bring Kingdom Hearts to Switch, he saw and heard this demand and there was a big deal on the matter internally. Bringing these titles to the console proved difficult for a number of reasons, including the console’s storage capacity, but we were happy to make it work for the first time using a cloud service,” commented Hazama.

Finally, he also commented that the team believed this to be the best way to deliver the titles on the platform, and everyone is looking to check the feedback that will be given once the package is released on a date to be announced by Square Enix.

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