Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Speedrunner Resets Game In Less Than Two Hours


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Tracking a player trying to speedrun a game often feels like watching a real man battle against time. It takes a lot of dedication and knowledge about the title not to get lost in maps, face the bosses as accurately as possible and know exactly what is important and what is not. Now, can you imagine the level of effort to zero an RPG in less than two hours? Well, YouTuber ViolinSR certainly knows, finishing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on PC in just 1:49, a world record! Check it out below:

Remember that the count mentioned above does not count the loads, and that the desktop version has almost an hour less difference in loads compared to the console. Even so, considering that How Long to Beat says it takes almost 24 hours just for the main story, ViolinSR’s achievement is certainly insane!

And you, like to try a speedrun or prefer to enjoy games like Kingdom Hearts calmly? Let us know in the comments section!


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