Kingdom Hearts director wants to tie up loose ends


Tetsuya Nomura wants to change the world “drastically” and talks about a hypothetical new title in the series for the new generation.

The launch of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory has reawakened hunger for the Square Enix and Disney saga. Tetsuya Nomura, the brain behind the project, has talked at length with Dengiki Online magazine, where he has pointed out some keys to the future of Kingdom Hearts. According to the creative, his intention is to tell new stories, but always keeping in mind that there are still loose ends that deserve an explanation.

“I try to attack the loose ends of the story, but I also want to modify the format a bit,” explains the director. “I want to change the world drastically and tell a new story”, but at the same time, it tries to close some plot threads that still remain free. One of the points that he has made clear is that he does not believe that Xehanort will be the main antagonist again. “Despite the influence it had on the story [to be told],” part of that can be enjoyed on Melody of Memory.

Kingdom Hearts in the new generation?

Regarding a possible Kingdom Hearts for PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Nomura has said the following: “If we do a Kingdom Hearts for the next generation of consoles, it will be released after many other companies have published their titles, so I think we should do something that could compete. Of course, that is only hypothetical, since we have not announced that we are going to design a new title for PS5 or Xbox Series, ”he laughs.

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Of course, it promises news for the 20th anniversary of the saga, which will take place in 2022. “We are working to offer good news.” Nomura reveals that he begins working on the upcoming sequels before finishing development on the above. “When I was developing the original Kingdom Hearts, I was already thinking about Chain of Memories.” What’s next? We’ll see what the future holds.


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