Kingdom Hearts: 8 important events that took place on the Dark Road


Many fans of the Kingdom Hearts series were devastated to learn that the Dark Road mobile game is closing. Only a small part of Xehanorth’s origin story has been made public, leading fans to wonder if they will ever get a chance to fully experience it since the Dark Seeker Saga came to an end.

Fortunately, the event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts showed that the offline version of Dark Road should be released in August 2022. The whole story was released in one update, allowing fans to finally find out why Xehanorth became who he became. Although “Dark Road” is not as visually impressive as the other entries, it contains some of the most important events in the entire series.

8. Xehanort finds Ventus

It was never clear how Xehanorth stumbled upon Ventus before the events of “Birth in a Dream”, but “Dark Road” decided to finally reveal how their paths crossed. As a child, Xehanorth stumbled upon a magic mirror that could answer any question asked to him, and decided to turn to it again many years later.

Before leaving Destiny Island to explore the outer worlds, Xehanorth dreamed of characters from Union X [Cross]. Unsure whether they were real or not, he tried to ask the magic mirror for help in finding them. The Mirror informed him that Ventus could be found “among an ocean of keys on a vast barren land”, which prompted Xehanort to explore the Cemetery of Key Blades.

7 Fear of true Darkness

Before becoming Keyblade Masters, Xehanorth and Eracus were mentors of a mysterious man named Odin. Although series director Tetsuya Nomura usually adds more questions than answers to most Kingdom Hearts, Odin has revealed a lot about the new threat Sora is likely to face in the future.

Fans of the series already know that some of the Heartless originated from the Kingdom of Darkness, while others were created as a result of the research of Ansem the Wise. However, Odin revealed the true source of the Heartless. They arose because of the presence of thirteen ancient darkness, called by Odin “true darkness”. They are shapeless creatures and therefore almost impossible to destroy, making them the biggest threat that currently exists in Kingdom Hearts.

6. Visiting the underworld

In an attempt to uncover more information about how the high school students met their end, Xehanorth and his comrades from the lower grades go to the Underworld in the Colosseum of Olympus. While there, they approach Hades and ask him if it is possible to communicate with those who are no longer alive.

This plot point is surprisingly dark for a Kingdom Hearts game, but it looks like Donald and Goofy will try to do the same in Kingdom Hearts 4, looking for Sora. Although many of the main characters of Dark Road meet their end by the climax of the game, Xehanort’s journey to the Underworld showed that they can return.

5 multiple deaths

The absence of death in Kingdom Hearts has become something of a meme in recent years. The main antagonists of Kingdom Hearts 3 have already been defeated in previous installments, but their return has made the concept of death somewhat empty.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, however, has not suffered any changes, depicting the deaths of its characters. By the end of the story, Xehanort’s eleven companions meet their end. Although the player doesn’t have much time to get to know these new characters, it’s hard not to sympathize with Xehanort because of the loss he feels.

4 blades of Master Odin

Few owners of key blades can simultaneously wield their weapons, but One Master is an exception. He spends most of the Dark Road wielding the Brain Guardian Master before eventually summoning the Master of the Master’s Gaze and using both blades in battle.


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