Kingdom Hearts 4’s approach to Sora’s daily life will have a huge impact on the story


When Kingdom Hearts 4 is released, the world will change, and many of them will focus on its main new world. Having abused the Power of Awakening to ensure the safety of all her friends, Sora disappears from her reality into some parallel dimension. This place, centered around the metropolitan world of Quadratum, is designed to give a new experience when the game is released. Sora will fight the forces of darkness using this Tokyo-inspired city as his base, and surely he will be followed by other troubles from his home universe.

There is something to consider in Kingdom Hearts 4, for example, how it returns to some of the gameplay concepts present in Kingdom Hearts 2, and also turns the Kingdom Hearts 3 air step into a grappling hook. There will be several new concepts in the game, such as the mysterious Build command seen in the trailer. Sora will need to get used to his unfamiliar circumstances, and according to Kingdom Hearts 4 director Tetsui Nomura, he will spend a lot of time on it.

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Kingdom Hearts Does Not Focus on Litter Outside of Gameplay

Sora’s ordinary life has always been the subject of speculation by fans. With the exception of one short scene that takes place in his home on the mainland of the Islands of Destiny, all Kingdom Hearts show Sora’s adventures. In his quest across many worlds, the player is always in the thick of things. Technically, Sora has “core” worlds that he can return to in every Kingdom Hearts game, but he has nowhere to calm down and relax. His daily routine is a constant movement forward towards his goals. It feels like Sora is trying to squeeze all her adventures into the shortest possible amount of time, and then falls asleep after she’s finished.

This problem becomes relevant if you pay attention to Kingdom Hearts 3. Several worlds clearly show the passage of time, with the Crown, Arendelle and San Fransokio clearly taking place within a few days. There is a base in San Fransokio where Sora and his friends can relax, but there is none in other worlds. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a serious exception to this format, as it is based on the year that Roxas spent in the XIII Organization. The game shows him leaving and returning to a Castle that has never been there every day, and it seems that Kingdom Hearts 4 can bring this element back.

There will be more downtime in Kingdom Hearts 4

According to Game Informer’s interview with Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 4 players will spend a lot of time in Quadratum. It will serve as their home base and a regular stop between trips to other worlds. The building and room shown in the KH4 trailer will serve as the final home base for the heroes. It’s unclear what Sora’s living conditions are, but it looks like he will have a room there, and part of the game will take place in it.

It sounds strange for such an action-packed franchise, but it gives Kingdom Hearts the opportunity to explore downtime like never before. Sora will now have a regular place where other recurring characters can find him, and perhaps a room suitable for player customization. This could work as an extended version of the 358/2 Days format, this time probably allowing players to go to an open city just outside their room. At the very least, frequent and extensive return trips to the central location will allow you to develop a more mature and routine-focused side of Sora’s character. This new focus gives Kingdom Hearts 4 another opportunity to bring a whole new experience to the KH franchise.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in development.


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