Kingdom Hearts 4 should follow in the footsteps of KH2, not KH3


Eventually, Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released. This game will be a smooth reset point for the series as it transitions into a different setting with an exciting new narrative. The main character of the series Sora finds himself exploring the mysterious new world of Quadratum, a modern city that is in some form of unreality. It is assumed that this place will become the new center of Sora in his latest adventure to fight the darkness, as well as possibly with some new antagonists.

Unfortunately, of all the JRPGs in development by Square Enix right now, Kingdom Hearts 4 and the third Final Fantasy 7 Remake game are the only ones that don’t have solid release windows yet. During the long wait for both, the Kingdom Hearts community at least conducted a few interviews with the developers to wait them out. Among this information, it turned out that Kingdom Hearts 4 will return the response teams from Kingdom Hearts 2. This was well received, and KH4 should continue to make mistakes, following the example of KH2, not triples.

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Kingdom Hearts 2 turned out to be a better game than KH3

The dispute over which Kingdom Hearts game is the best has been raging for many years. Accordingly, the main contenders are three numbered titles. While some preferred the unique parry and magic-focused combat in Kingdom Hearts 1, the fans liked the manic pace and variability of the fight in Kingdom Hearts 2. Kingdom Hearts 3 is a rather strange case, because although it’s not bad, it was too simple even at the highest difficulty at launch. Detractors agree that he is too focused on the entertainment and size of his attacks, and not on their value, which leads to their cheapening during the passage. There was a feeling, and sometimes a literal riding on the same park rides over and over again without much difference.

Despite the fact that KH3 has some of the best worlds in the franchise, the influence of past games has been lost again. This may be due to the fact that too many worlds resemble long corridors, while in KH2, no matter how linear it was, players were still moving back and forth across different areas. The plot threads and villains of KH3 regularly dangled in front of the player, but nothing came out of them until the very end. In this respect, the pace of Kingdom Hearts 2 was better: several members of Organization XIII were defeated outside the last world along with other active antagonists. Kingdom Hearts 3 fixed the Kingdom Hearts 2 drive forms with more accessible transformations, but they themselves had several drawbacks that prevented them from being as satisfying as possible. The golden mean may exist, but KH4 must do its best to learn from its predecessors before it reaches it.

Kingdom Hearts 4 will work better with elements of Kingdom Hearts 2

In addition to the quality of Kingdom Hearts 2 itself, it is important how well its format can be combined with Kingdom Hearts 4. Presumably, KH4 will adhere to a format somewhat similar to Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, in which there will be many worlds branching off from one that the player can be considered as a hub. In the case of 4, this world will be a Quadratum, and players will most likely return to it after each or almost every world. This puts him squarely in the realm of the Hollow Bastion of Kingdom Hearts 2, later renamed the Shining Garden, as a world to be visited multiple times in history, even if there are always multiple worlds between visits. Since KH4 will apparently use fewer worlds due to their improved granularity, creating two scenarios for each location, as in KH2, might work.

Whatever the story of Kingdom Hearts 4, it should seem that it develops every two visits to the world, and not just at the end. Kingdom Hearts 3 had a real problem with this, and it tried to captivate players with tangential cutscenes that sometimes set plot points for other Kingdom Hearts games. The game started as a chore to see the plot decisions of many years ago as a reward, and by the end of KH2 Sora and company. he has performed several personal and cosmic feats.

It is important for KH4 to have set goals and developments throughout the execution time, perhaps even providing a choice for development and completion at the end of the game, as it was in 2. Kingdom Hearts 4 should be exciting, satisfying and dynamic enough, and learning why KH2 worked and KH3 didn’t is a good thing a start to achieve this.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development.