Kingdom Hearts 4: How Sora has changed since the first game


As in real life, video game characters undergo changes. They go through the experience that the players go through and turn from it into other and (hopefully) better people. Sora from Kingdom Heart 4 is no different. Despite seemingly disappearing at the end of the third part of the main series, Square Enix has confirmed that Sora will return to Kingdom Hearts 4 and will be the key to the upcoming “Lost Master” arc.

The main Kingdom Hearts games take place over a period of approximately two years, including spin-off events such as Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance. Although two years may seem short, a lot of events have happened to the main character of Kingdom Hearts Sora that will surely change a person. And Sora has definitely changed throughout the series in many ways. That’s how Sora grew up after the events of the first part of Kingdom Hearts.

How Sora has changed since Kingdom Hearts

One of Sora’s most obvious changes to Kingdom Hearts was his design. This makes sense, since times have not only changed in reality in terms of graphics since the release of the original game in 2002, but the characters in Kingdom Hearts have grown and matured along with it. It is said that Sora was about 14 years old when his adventures to save the worlds began in Kingdom Hearts, and in Kingdom Hearts 3 he is about 16 years old. Therefore, it makes sense that over the years he will look more mature — his face loses its childish roundness, and his body becomes more elongated, which is reflected in his design over the years.

Before the events of Kingdom Hearts, no one really knew what a key blade was — at least, none of the inhabitants of the Islands of Destiny. When a remote paradise island is suddenly attacked by the Heartless, Sora receives a mysterious key blade that suddenly appears, which gives him the opportunity to fight off the invading Heartless. Despite the fact that 3 years later, Kingdom Hearts did not officially become a “master of the key blade” due to the failure of the Mark of Mastery exam, his ability to wield the key blade is technically at the same level, since he was able to restore the Awakening Power used to save Kyrie. .

Although he is not exactly a master of the blade, Sora is very much a master of the heart. He seems to understand matters of the heart better than anyone else in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Thanks to his understanding of the heart, Sora was able to realize that the power of his heart, backed up by his friendship, was powerful enough to recall the key blade that Riku snatched from himself at the end of the very first Kingdom Hearts. Thanks to this, he was also able to find out pretty quickly that Roxas, Axel, Namine and Sione really had hearts, despite the fact that they were Nobody — although partly thanks to some retcons made in Kingdom Hearts.

However, one of the things that hasn’t exactly changed in Sora is his ability to maintain a positive attitude even in incredibly difficult times. He’s a teenager tasked with saving the world. Moreover, it’s hard to lose friends, and losing the love of your life is even harder. Fortunately, Sora was able to rise above adversity and persevere, doing what needs to be done to finish the job at the end of the day, even if it means sacrificing his own life. Let’s hope that his positive attitude will not change during the events of Kingdom Hearts 4, because it looks like he will need it to get back to his friends and family.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in development.