Kingdom Hearts 3 gets mod on PC with Thomas train


Kingdom Hearts 3: The action RPG Kingdom Hearts 3 can now be officially considered a PC game: two weeks after its launch at the Epic Games Store, the Square Enix game received a modification inspired by Thomas and His Friends.

One of the biggest memes in the world of mods, the Thomas train became famous among PC gamers for appearing in major computer releases. The mod that brings the child character to Kingdom Hearts III is available for free download on Nexus Mods.

An interesting detail of Thomas’ arrival in Kingdom Hearts III is that the character was applied in the game in a contextualized way. While other games take the train in place of protagonists or villains, the locomotive from the island of Sodor arrives at the Square Enix RPG to take the place of the Twilight Town tram, in front of Remy’s restaurant, from the animated Ratatouille.

According to the creator of the modification, the content serves to pay homage to Thomas’ legacy in computer games. While the train gained notoriety thanks to a mod that puts the character in the place of a dragon in Skyrim, there are already modifications that apply the locomotive in Final Fantasy XV, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and even Resident Evil 2 Remake.

How to download Thomas in Kingdom Hearts III

The modification that puts the Thomas train in Kingdom Hearts III is available Nexus Mods for free, just login with a valid email address. You can download the 5.1 MB file by clicking on the download button labeled “Manual”.

After downloading, extract the contents and copy the “.pak” file to the Kingdom Hearts III Paks folder. The location can be found in the game’s installation directory by following the path \ UE.426 \ KH_3 \ KINGDOM HEARTS III \ Content \ Paks.

It is worth mentioning that the Thomas train is not the only mod already available for Kingdom Hearts 3. The game already has hundreds of modifications available in the Nexus Mods, including new clothes for Sora, gameplay balances and extra protagonists such as Roxas, Riku and Cloud Strife.

Kingdom Hearts 3 arrived on the PC with all the other games in the series on March 30, only at the Epic Games Store. The game can be purchased in a package with the ReMind DLC for R $ 249.95.

The purchase of Kingdom Hearts 3 for PC until May 31 also includes three months of free access to the Disney + streaming service.


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