Kingdom Come adaptation under development


A live action adaptation for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a medieval RPG game developed by Warhouse Studios, was recently announced. The studio is collaborating with Wild Sheep, who previously worked on Yakuza’s live action movie, on the project.

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Live action adaptation for Kingdom Come: Deliverance coming

According to Variety’s report, it is not yet clear whether the production will be a movie or a series. It is also among the information that there is a feverish search for writers and directors for adaptation by the studio. “Locally relevant, but not the popularity the producers seek,” Erick Barmack, former Netflix manager and co-founder of Wild Sheep, compares the production to The Witcher. Still, the interest he received outside of the United States is just as surprising, ”he said, adding that he was hopeful about the potential of the production.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

This step can also be seen as keeping up with fashion, especially in today’s world where historical series and movies are taken as examples from both games and books.

The game hasn’t reached as much popularity as Resident Evil, Monster Hunter or The Witcher yet. However, the project considered for production seems to be a great breakthrough for its promotion. In the game where you portray the son of a blacksmith named Henry, we can accompany our character on the journey of knighthood and shape our story through the choices and missions we make.


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