The King: Eternal Monarch unleashes theories after its premiere


Lee Gon is saved from death and fans already have theories about how this was possible.

The first episode of The King: Eternal Monarch has not disappointed at all the high expectations it had created since its announcement, since with just an episode of just over an hour this drama has already begun to generate suspicions and theories about the future of history , thus awakening the intrigue of those who have been hooked on this narrative.

The King: Eternal Monarch is one of the dramas that, before its premiere, was already arousing the excitement of K-drama fans, with a cast full of faces known around the world, we could anticipate that it was an incredible history.

The teasers released only confirmed this suspicion and the first episode has left us with our mouths open before the multiple possibilities of what we can see in this story. If you haven’t watched this drama and don’t want to read any spoilers, you’d better be careful while you continue reading, because you might stumble across some facts that were revealed during chapter 1.

During the first minutes of The King: Eternal Monarch, we see that the story begins during the Silla Dynasty , where the story of a flute that manages to scare away all evil and bring well-being is told, however, it is not a kingdom where for that reason the peace endures. Proof of this is that Prince Lee Gon witnesses how his uncle, dominated by ambition, murders his father , the King, and after confronting him, puts his own life at risk.

Fortunately, a mysterious person comes to save him , making Lee Gon live and the flute not in the wrong hands, who is it? Followers of this story have already started to elaborate some theories, one of them is that Lee Gon himself is the one who saved himself thanks to being able to travel through time.

Thus, Lee Gon of the future, being aware of what could happen to him, returns to the moment when he saw his father die, so that he could offer support to himself who at the time was just a child. And you, who do you think the masked man is that saved Lee Gon?


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