King Consort Camilla cancels a centuries-old tradition


The king’s wife Camilla (75 years old), apparently, gives a breath of fresh air! A few weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 — her son and heir to the throne Charles (73) became the new king of the United Kingdom. The regent’s death also meant a change for his wife Camilla: she is now the Queen Consort. Camilla probably used her new position directly to say goodbye to several traditions…

“The King Consort will act a little differently,” an insider told the Daily Mail. An important item on her list of changes: she wants to do without ladies-in-waiting. This tradition has been around for centuries, but Camilla seems to find it more modern to have fewer employees — she also has a lot of good friends who can support her when she needs help.

During her lifetime, the Queen had several ladies-in-waiting. Some of them accompanied her for several decades: Lady Susan Hussey (83) has been a lady-in-waiting to the monarch since 1960 and even the godmother of Prince William (40), the grandson of the deceased.


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