King Charles III: The date of his coronation is known!


Does the world finally know for sure? After the death of Queen Elizabeth II ( ✝ 96), the heir to the throne, Charles III. (73), was proclaimed king. It’s been almost a month. Since then, the British, and especially the world, have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of when the monarch will receive his coronation. Now the date of the coronation of Charles III. finally announced!

King Charles III According to a Bloomberg report, British officials said that the coronation will take place at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey on June 3, 2023. According to anonymous government officials who spoke to the news agency before the official announcement, the plans come down to this Saturday in early summer, although “discussions are still ongoing about what other days will be the official weekend.” The royal family itself has not yet commented on the date of the coronation.

At the coronation, a 73-year-old man will wear coronation regalia, which are part of the crown jewels used at coronations over the years. According to Yahoo! Life, they are estimated at about 4 billion euros. Insignia include the Crown of St. Edward, the Ruler’s Ring, the Imperial Crown of the State, the Ruler’s Scepter with a Dove, the Ruler’s Scepter with a Cross, the Ruler’s Sphere, the Golden Ampoule, Spurs and the Sword of the Lord’s Sacrifice. .


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