King Alfred actor David Dawson may return to drama


All The Last Kingdom fans are eager to know details of season 5 of the series, but especially about the possible return of actor David Dawson as King Alfred.

We recall that the fourth season of The Last Kingdom, we saw many disputes between the Saxons after Alfred’s death, as her wife Aelswith accepted her loss and the disputes of her children.

King Alfred the Great died in 899 when he was in his early 50s and left a legacy as a Christian hero. He is on everyone’s mind, but especially on that of his wife and his children.

At the moment there has been no official version about the return of actor David Dawson, but there is a possibility that he may appear in the form of flashbacks or visions while his children try to live the dreams of his father.

In the last episodes of the fourth season of The Last Kingdom, Aelswith took her grandson, Aethelstan, to Alfred’s grave, where she said these words to him:

“We may not survive this, but our kingdom will and this is all that matters. Our sense of history is who we are. This is how God separated us from the animals.”

All of this suggests that season 5 of the show could focus heavily on Aethelstan’s journey to power. So it will show signs of King Alfred on it.

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