Kindle with built-in lighting for R $ 260 worth it?


Amazon has decided to anticipate some Black Friday promotions and is offering discounts of up to 70% during the week. Among the offerings, the product that has gained the most public attention is the 10th generation Kindle.

The reader that brings built-in lighting usually costs R $ 349, but the discount offered by Amazon leaves the price at R $ 255, in addition to bringing free shipping in some cases. Still, is the product worth it to you? Check out our full review of the Kindle and more details about the offer below.


The 10th generation Kindle with built-in lighting is Amazon’s entry device in its line of e-readers. Still, the device delivers a quality experience for anyone looking to read digital books.

In addition to providing built-in lighting for four LEDs, the 167-inch touch-sensitive 6-inch screen is anti-glare and allows you to read even under the sun. Inside, the device has 8 GB of storage and a battery that lasts “weeks”, according to Amazon.

The product has a Wi-Fi connection, but has limited web browsing capabilities to ensure focus on reading. The device also weighs about 161g and has a compact body, allowing readings with just one hand and facilitating transport.


When we look only at the price of the Kindle 10th generation with built-in lighting, we have a considerable drop in the normal value of the product. The discount offered by Amazon guarantees the reading device at the lowest price in at least six months.

In addition, the company also offers free shipping and fast delivery for Amazon Prime subscribers. The option of free delivery is also available to all customers in some regions of Brazil through payment via boleto.

With this, the device has the best cost-benefit in the Amazon line for those who intend to adopt their own device for reading. The company is also offering a quarterly subscription to the Kindle Unlimited service for just R $ 1.99, which also guarantees thousands of ebooks to be downloaded into the product for a low price.

Other options

The tenth-generation Kindle with built-in lighting is a good choice for anyone looking for a product to enter the world of ebooks, but Amazon has other advanced options. For those looking for a higher quality experience and without spending much more, the Kindle Paperwhite is also discounted.

The e-reader has some improvements over the tenth-generation Kindle, including a screen with 300 pixels per inch and water resistance. Thus, the product can be used without worries in swimming pools and on the beach, for example.

The price, however, is a little higher: the Kindle Paperwhite usually costs R $ 499, but is leaving at R $ 379 during the Amazon promotion.


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