Kindle: those who want to have an Amazon book reader


Amazon managed to popularize ebooks, thanks to the convenience of its Kindle reader. The device is much more than a digital book reader, it streamlines reading and can even facilitate it in some cases.

Currently, Amazon has 3 models, and all perform their functions well, but the Kindle Oasis, the most powerful model, has some more features than the Kindle 10th generation and Paperwhite.

If you are thinking about buying, but are still in doubt as to whether it is worth it, or which Kindle to buy, we will present below their main functions, so you can decide based on your needs.

Accepted formats

The Kindle book reader stands out for its versatility. All digital books sold on Amazon come in the standard eReader format. This means that with just the website’s official ebook catalog, you already have over a million digital book options.

In addition, the Kindle also supports a number of other formats, which can make your life a lot easier. It is compatible with Microsoft Word documents, PDF ebook, Txt and Images with JPEG, PNG and BMP extension. Just send the files to your device and take advantage of all the features to have a more comfortable reading. This goes for the three models available

Reading features

This is where the Kindle reader stands out the most. You can control the light intensity, a very useful feature for those who like to read before bed. Even with the lights off, you choose how strong you want to make the screen illuminate. The same goes for those who like to read on the beach or in the park. The Kindle screen offers the same experience of reading on the pages of a physical book, even under the sun.

It is worth remembering that, while the Kindle 10th generation has 4 LEDs, Paperwhite has 5, which results in a slightly superior control. But what really stands out is the Kindle Oasis, which has 25 LEDs, an adaptive light sensor and light temperature adjustment.

Another important highlight is that with Kindle, you choose the text size and font. Just access the menu, without having to close the book, and switch between the available options. Now to adjust the size, just make a pinch movement on the screen, and choose how it is most comfortable. All this available in the three versions of the eReader

Savings generated

It is not always cheap to have access to books. The launches are usually expensive and, in some cases, freight makes the purchase impractical. One of the great advantages of the Kindle is the ease of access to the books, mainly for the price. In most cases, digital versions are cheaper. In addition, Amazon promotions are not uncommon, which makes buying even easier. And, of course, all of this without having to worry about shipping and delivery is done as soon as the purchase is completed.

You can also count on Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s monthly subscription service that provides hundreds of thousands of ebooks. You pay for the subscription and can freely read all the books available on the service, which works with the three Kindle models.


Another resource that can help you, especially when choosing the next book, is the organization that the Kindle makes possible. Whenever you buy a new book, it is placed on the home screen, and stays there with the other ebooks. But, it is possible to create collections and make everything more organized. You can separate them by genres, such as books of romance, horror, biographies, among others. Or, by publishers, authors, or any other method you prefer.


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