Kim Yong-dae, Park Joo-hyun, Kim Woo-seok, Kim Min-joo and others made an impression on reading the script of “Forbidden Marriage”


“Forbidden Marriage” shared photos of their first reading of the script!

There will be an exciting palace sagyk (historical drama) about the prohibition of marriage by order of King Lee Hong after the loss of the crown princess seven years ago. One day, the con artist Seo Ran (Park Joo Hyun) appears before the king and says that she may be possessed by the spirit of the late crown Princess.

Park Joo Hyun will play the cheating matchmaker Seo Ran, and the crew was pleased to see how quickly she immersed herself in her role while the actors worked on the script. Kim Yong Dae was also present as he takes on the important role of King of Joseon and Yi Hong’s romantic lover. Many are anxiously waiting for how these two will interact on the screen.

Next up is Kim Woo-seok, who will play Shin Won, Uigimba Dos (a member of the judiciary) and the eldest son of Yeongjeon (the chief state adviser). Lee Shin Won is described as a cold-blooded but warm person, and he is sweetly charming, although he looks casual, which makes viewers worry about Kim Woo Seok’s next transformation.

Yang Dong-geun, who plays War Minister Cho Seong-kyung, Park Seong-yeon, who plays concubine Ye hyun-ho, Seo un-jung, Choi Dok-moon, whose character helps Seo-ran, and Kim Min-joo, who plays Crown Princess Ahn, are also impressed with the script. reading.

They were joined by a whole team of talented actors, including Lee Hyun-gol, Hwang Jung-min, Cha Mi-kyung, Lee Jung-hyun, Kim Min-seok, Yoon Jung-hoon, Hong Si-yeon, Jung Bo-min, Kim Min-sang, Cho Seung-young, Om hye-sop, Song Ji-woo, Seo jin Won, Jung Jin Oh, Lee Doo Seok, Lee Yoo Kyung and others.

The actors laughed a lot at the script, but demonstrated their dedication to their roles by completely immersing themselves in their characters.

The premiere of “Forbidden Marriage” is scheduled for December.


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