Kim Woo Bin helps children with cancer cope with COVID-19


Kim Woo Bin helps children with cancer cope with COVID-19. The actor donated all the proceeds from one of his most recent projects.

With the emergency around the world due to COVID-19 , many of the hygiene and prevention items have begun to become scarce or to increase their cost, South Korea is one of the countries most affected by this virus, so this it is one of the difficulties that its population has had to deal with.

Some groups are more vulnerable to this disease, especially people whose immune system is weak due to different reasons, for example, if they are elderly, if they suffer from a chronic disease or are receiving treatments such as chemotherapy.

For this reason, actor Kim Woo Bin did not think twice and completely donated his payment for narrating the documentary ‘Humanimal’ to this cause, allocating this money to the Leukemia Children Foundation of Korea.

The documentary is a production of the MBC network and Kim Woo Bin decided that these resources should be used so that children can protect themselves from the virus that invades their nation. The foundation appreciated the actor’s gesture and, in addition, they reaffirmed their commitment to caring for children who, due to cancer, face a high risk of acquiring a viral infection.

The actor has made multiple donations of this type for a long time, in particular, he supports children with some type of cancer after he was diagnosed with this disease in 2017.

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