Kim Wexler’s true fate as Breaking Bad unfolds


A big question ahead of season six is ​​what will happen to Kim Wexler, who has sadly become more and more like her husband and partner Jimmy McGill. Many Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad fans believe that she will somehow disappear or perhaps even die, which she may not.

Let’s remember that when we were introduced to Kim in the first season of Better Call Saul in 2015, she was a fair lawyer living by the book. But as her relationship with sordid Jimmy progressed, she began to adopt some rather disturbing behaviors.

The peak came in the season five finale when Kim hatched a plan to professionally ruin her former boss, Howard Hamlin. The plan would bring her and Jimmy a huge paycheck, but even he doesn’t agree with it.

This sets the stage for the sixth season of Better Call Saul and could offer insight into Kim’s whereabouts in the world of Breaking Bad.

There is a theory that Kim Wexler will become Saul Goodman’s shadow sidekick in Breaking Bad. We won’t know exactly what Wexler’s fate is until Better Call Saul’s sixth season wraps up, but there are already plenty of theories floating around the internet.

One of them discerns that he could possibly become a shadow partner in Jimmy’s Breaking Bad’s Ice Station Zebra Associates company. On the other hand, Ice Station Zebra Associates is a bogus holding company that Jimmy started using to launder illegal money after becoming Saul.

Due to its illegality, it would have to keep quiet about it, which would explain why Kim is not mentioned in Breaking Bad. But generally speaking, who knows if that is really the case.

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Likewise, like many other productions, the sixth season of Better Call Saul has experienced production delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, various cast and crew members have said that filming should begin in early 2021.

“We were scheduled to go to shoot in September, now it looks like we will go in March,” actor Giancarlo Esposito said in an interview published in October.


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