Kim Soo Hyun’s hip dance that thrilled fans of “It’s okay to not be okay”


Kim Soo Hyun’s hip dance that thrilled fans of “It’s okay to not be okay”. It’s okay to not be okay actor Kim Soo Hyun showed off his level of physical coordination while filming a scene for the drama.

TvN’s psychological drama It’s okay to not be okay continues to win hearts thanks to the charisma of the cast led by Kim Soo Hyun and Son Ye Jin . Reaching the middle of the story, the production continues to show the unique situations that occur behind the scenes.

With a talented cast, including Oh Yung Se for his performance of a man living with autism, the production revealed a compilation of behind-the-scenes curiosities.

One of the scenes to be recorded shows the nurse Moon Gang Tae together with the staff of the psychiatric hospital while they perform an exercise session as part of the therapy of the patients.

During the first takes, Kim Soo Hyun starred in some bloopers by confusing the steps of the routine. Realizing his mistakes, he just looked innocently at the camera.

After that, he had to move his hips from one side to the other, which caused a sensation on social networks because in the final shot of the drama he was not captured in full body.

Kim Soo Hyun imitates the Joker

On the other hand, during the first episode of Psycho but okay , viewers were able to see a funny reference to The Joker. This was done by Kang Tae’s best friend after joking with him and telling him that his smile resembled that of that fictional character.

Thanks to the behind the scenes, it is possible to see a version of the iconic “dance on the stairs” but by Kim Soo Hyun .

Both actors practiced the best way to portray the allusion and Kim indicated that he should kick in the air. This was perfectly imitated by Kang Ki Dong who plays Jo Jae Soo.

You can see the compilation of more fun moments among the cast of actors in It’s okay to not be okay in the following clip.

It’s okay to not be okay teaser ep. 10

It’s okay to not be okay begins the second half of the story with the exciting chapter 9. In it, a summary has been shared with some scenes from episode 10. Next, see what the new chapter of the drama holds.


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