Kim Song-ah begs her son not to marry her husband’s ex-mistress in “Empire”


JTBC’s “Empire” shared a heartbreaking moment between Kim Sung Ah and Kwon Ji Woo!

“Empire” is a new drama about the private life and dark secrets of an overly ambitious “royal family” ruling Korea’s most prestigious legal circles. Kim Sung Ah plays Han Hye Ryul, the ambitious and intelligent head of the special department of the Central District Prosecutor’s Office, who comes from a rich and influential family. Ahn Jae-wook plays her husband Na Geun-woo, a law professor who is about to become a presidential candidate.


In the previous episode of Empire, Han Kang Baek (Kwon Ji Woo) shocked his mother, Han Hye Ryul, by unexpectedly inviting Hong Nan Hee (Joo Se Bin) to dinner and announcing that he plans to marry her. However, Hong Nan Hee previously had an affair with her husband, but she also told Han Hye Ryul that she approached her son with ulterior motives, which is why the prosecutor could not approve their marriage.

In newly released footage from an upcoming episode of the drama, Han Hye Ryul takes the uncharacteristic step of throwing away his pride and begging his son on his knees to marry anyone but Hong Nan Hee. However, despite his mother’s desperate pleas, Han Kang Baek makes it clear that he is more determined than ever to promote his engagement.

To find out what happens after this emotional confrontation between mother and son, tune in to the next issue of Empire on October 15 at 22:30 Moscow time. KST!


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