Kim Nam Gil Turns Into a Slave Turned Bandit in The Upcoming Historical Fantasy Drama “Song of the Bandits”


The upcoming Netflix original drama “Song of the Bandits” has released its first frame!

The Song of the Bandits is an action—adventure film set in 1920, where people fiercely challenge those who drove them out of their homes to protect their land, family and comrades. Through fictional characters, the story of defeats will turn into a story of victories. The project has already attracted a lot of attention due to the fact that it deals with the topic of the Korean independence movement, as well as due to the estimated production cost of 30 billion won (approximately $ 25 million).

Kim Nam Gil will play Lee Yoon, a slave who has learned nothing and had no opportunity. Although the class system was abolished and he became a free man, he still has the mindset of a slave. His former master offers him to become a soldier, so he does what he is told and ends up getting involved in the war.

Screenwriter Han Jung-hoon and director Hwang Jung-hyuk have teamed up again for “The Song of the Bandits” after presenting an exciting, exhilarating action and drama in their previous projects, including “Bad Guys: Nasty City” and “Squad 38.”

The premiere of the drama is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023. Follow the news!


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