Kim Min-kyu and Go Bo-gyeol Show Off Charming Idol and Fan Chemistry on New “Heavenly Idol” Posters


The upcoming tvN drama “Heavenly Idol” has presented funny posters of its main couple!

Adapted from a popular webtoon and web novel, “Heavenly Idol” tells the story of the high priest Rembrari, who one day suddenly finds himself in the body of an unknown idol, Wu Yong-woo, a member of the Wild Animal group. Kim Min-kyu will play the high priest of Rembrari, and Go Bo-gyeol will play the role of Wild Animal’s manager and Woo Yeon-woo’s main fan Kim Dal.

On the first poster, Rembrari is depicted in the image of an undervalued idol Woo Yeon Woo inside a colorfully decorated envelope. Unlike the way a typical idol poses, the high priest looks at the sky with his hands clasped tightly, as if he is praying hard. While the holy atmosphere conveys the dignity of the pontiff, his serious and desperate expression contrasts cheerfully with the simpering decorations on the cover of the postcard.

The inscription in the upper right corner of the poster reads: “Dear God, please make me a successful idol,” foreshadowing the beginning of Rembrari’s heavenly but chaotic journey as he figures out how to adapt and succeed in the entertainment industry.

The second poster depicts sweet Kim Dal, who winks, proudly bending a photo of her precious idol. However, the caption above the photo in question hints at her confusion when she notices that her favorite idol seems to have turned into another person. The text with an arrow pointing to Wu Yong Woo reads: “My bias… has become a little strange.”

Finally, the drama also released a third and special poster: to commemorate the upcoming premiere of the adaptation, the author of the original “Heavenly Idol” webtoon personally drew a “webtoon version” of the Rembrary poster.

From Rembrari’s desperate look to his fingertips and the shape of his eyebrows, the special poster boasts an amazing synchronization with the real one, evoking anticipation of what other funny adaptations from webtoons viewers of the upcoming drama can expect.

The premiere of “Heavenly Idol” will take place on February 15 at 22:50. KST. Check out the drama teaser here!


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