Kim Kardashian’s New Controversial KIM Gloves Are Already Sold Out


I must admit, when Kim Kardashian released the latest accessory for her SKIMS swimwear line, I was scratching my head. Why do I need or need swimming gloves, and what will it do to my tan lines? However, my fashion tastes should remain in the minority, since the unique accessory has already been completely sold out on the company’s website. It should be obvious that the billionaire founder of SKIMS knew what she was doing, and she actually explained what inspired her to add gloves to the line in the first place.

Hulu subscribers watched Kim in the first season of The Kardashians as she tried to rediscover her own style without Kanye West dictating her fashion sense. Part of this journey, according to the Vogue reality star, is how to make swimwear more fashionable outside of the water with various accessories, such as swimming gloves. She explained:

The concept of swimming in the water or on the beach is self-evident, but I’m constantly thinking: what will I wear besides relaxing by the pool, boating with the kids, doing water sports or going out for dinner on vacation? My idea has always been to bridge this gap between water and water and create a complete wardrobe of options. There are even more solutions to meet these needs in the next release, and it’s exciting.

The audience definitely shares her excitement. On the SKIMS website (opens in a new tab) Kim Kardashian is offering gloves for $48 in seven different colors, ranging in size from XXS to 4X, and each of these colors and sizes is now on the waiting list.

The reality TV star’s bathing suit line already offers several different ways to style her summer look. Along with one-piece and two-piece suit options, SKIMS offers accessories and capes, including towels, sarong skirt and other quick-drying clothing options. She said the idea to add long-sleeved swimming gloves came to her after a photo shoot for the cover of Sports Illustrated. Kardashian explained:

We made an individual pair for my photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, and I posted photos in them. Everyone was commenting and asking me where to get them, so I just knew we had to add them to the lineup.

Kim Kardashian has definitely kept her name in the fashion world after breaking up with Kanye West. Last year at the Met Gala, she complemented her Batman-style outfit with the famous Marilyn Monroe dress (which, according to Ripley, “Believe it or not,” she didn’t spoil) on this year’s red carpet. The Kardashian star has also experimented with gravity defying dresses, so while some may not understand the need for her new waterproof swimming gloves, her track record proves that her originality is beyond doubt.

Since all these gloves are already sold out on the SKIMS website, I will definitely keep an eye on people who wear them in the pool or on the beach until the end of the summer, as I am still curious about the situation with the tan line. I’m also looking forward to seeing what the famous family has in store for the second season of The Kardashians, which is due to be released on Hulu on Thursday, September 22. While we’re waiting, check out some of the other best shows on Hulu and see which other shows will premiere soon in our TV program for 2022.


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