Kim Kardashian: Won’t Yunice Abbas get royalty?


Yunice Abbas, one of the robbers of Kourtney Kardashian’s sister will not receive money for his book “I kidnapped Kim Kardashian”!

Recently, one of Kim Kardashian’s robbers, Yunice Abbas, released a book relating this news item. But now, the latter will not receive a cent in copyright …

Yunice Abbas recently published a book, “I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian” (Archipel Edition). A book in which the man tells about the famous Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris in 2016!

Indeed, the latter explains how he and men between 60 and 72 years old entered Kim’s apartments to steal nearly 9 million euros of jewelry from the star! A robbery where the latter notably threatened the star with a weapon after having tied him up …

A story for which the author will receive nothing at all! Indeed, the lawyers of the night watchman where the breakage took place yesterday obtained “an order of the judicial court of Bobigny” authorizing the seizure of rights.

“Our client considers this communication campaign indecent. He maintains that the individuals who attacked him that night were not peaceful “grandpa robbers” but criminals determined and armed to rob Kim Kardashian. ”

As a reminder, that evening, the night watchman had been pinned to the ground at gunpoint! The latter now has psychological sequelae! Thus, the rights of Yunice Abbas should go to the night watchman as compensation for the damage!


On Monday February 8, Yunice Abbas, one of Kim Kardashian’s robbers, was a guest on TPMP! Indeed, the latter has promoted his book recounting that night of horror!

An invitation to the C8 set that nobody understood! “But no … Cyril Hanouna really invited Kim’s robber? This guy doesn’t deserve any visibility! It’s too bad what he did! ”

Or, “But I’m shocked… I hope Kim Kardashian never comes across this TPMP streak!” We act as if nothing had happened… While this man has kidnapped and stolen Kim! It’s crazy anyway! ”

Kim fans commented on Twitter! A shock that the presenter of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna had yet anticipated! Indeed, this is how the latter concluded his interview:

“The message you need to get across is that this is not a good example. That you regret, that you did such a huge bullshit, and that today you would rather live a normal life than do this bullshit and write a book. ”

Despite this conclusion, Internet users were categorical! Indeed, according to them, the offender had no place on television! And you what do you think ? Should he or should not give the floor to Yunice Abbas?


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