Kim Kardashian with her best friend after their breakup


Although Kim Kardashian is estranged from Kanye West, she seems to want to move on. On the Web, the star even makes posts!

Right now, all the tabloids are after Kim Kardashian! Indeed, the star would like to divorce Kanye West. Yet via her social networks, North’s mother seems to be in top form. To everyone’s surprise.

To this day who does not know Kim Kardashian ?! You could say that the pretty brunette was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

As a reminder, the influencer is the daughter of famous lawyer Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003. Along with her siblings, she grew up in the most exclusive neighborhoods of L.A.

Ambitious, the pretty brunette also spent time with Paris Hilton. In the past, the two women were inseparable.

But the heiress obviously resented the fact that Kris Jenner’s daughter could shade her. After the scandal of her sextape, Kim Kardashian has rebounded thanks to “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

On screen, the star has been shining the spotlight on her family life for more than ten years. The whole Kardashian-Jenner clan amused millions of viewers with their multiple adventures.

Whether it is weddings, childbirth or even cosmetic surgery, everything is there. In good times and bad, Kim Kardashian has always been able to count on Allison Statter, her lifelong friend.

The pretty blonde is the daughter of the wealthy businessman Irving Azoff. The latter was also very close to Kim’s father.

A few hours ago, North’s mom took to her social media to wish her a happy birthday. You will see, his post is adorable.


As you can see, Kim Kardashian shared an amazing photo of herself with her BFF. In the photo in question, the duo is even very complicit.

“Happy birthday to my 40 year old best friend @allisonstatter,” the businesswoman captioned. I don’t know what I would do in this world without you! You inspire me every day! I love you so much “.

There is no doubt that this post must have touched the main one concerned. On the Web, Mason’s aunt immortalizes herself very often with her.

Not too long ago, they even launched a new makeup palette. In the past, Allison Statter has also made a few appearances on “KUWTK”.

At the moment, the young woman must certainly support the mother of Chicago as much as she can. Tired of Kanye West’s many escapades, Kim Kardashian has decided to end their marriage.

Wanting to protect her children, this decision certainly must not have been easy for the star. According to some tabloids, the influencer is starting to surround herself with the best lawyers to defend her cause.


Knowing Kim Kardashian, she will certainly take out the heavy artillery to secure her rear. Diagnosed as “bipolar”, it is unlikely that Kanye West will obtain sole custody of their 4 children.

However, the rapper could hope for alternating custody under certain conditions. According to Capital, the businesswoman and Kanye West signed a marriage contract before their union in Florence in 2014.

Although Kim Kardashian’s fortune is estimated at 780 million euros, she could receive financial compensation.

In their contract in the event of divorce, Kanye West would have committed to pay him a million dollars per year of marriage. In total, Kim Kardashian is expected to pocket six million dollars (around 5 million euros).

Besides separating their assets (residence in L.A and Wyoming), Saint’s mom is also expected to have $ 20 million in life insurance underwritten by the “Stronger” performer. To be continued !


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