Kim Kardashian: Will her family be full for Thanksgiving?


It’s not always easy to get Kim Kardashian to reunite all the members of his family. But the billionaire has confirmed the presence of his brother Rob Kardashian to celebrate Thanksgiving. Indeed, the American star assured that his presence was very important. She said, “We like to have it around us”.

Three weeks after it quickly reappeared, Kim Kardashian gives news of Rob. His little brother who is a little UFO office in this very feminine family. Indeed, he is the only boy in the middle of 5 sisters!

“He’s doing really well,” Kim told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday night. “He is of course more discreet than all of us. In addition to loving that we respect it. He will be there for Thanksgiving, like for a year or two now. She adds, “We love to have it around. He is doing very well. ”

Kim Kardashian’s brother is discreet for several reasons. He has struggled with weight gain and depression in recent years. Withdrawing from the limelight. But in June, he revealed on Twitter that he was back in the room. And a few months later, he showed his slim figure while celebrating Halloween with his family.

But Rob is present only near Kim Kardashian! Indeed to everyone’s surprise he attended Sister Kendall’s birthday. His first public appearance for a year! So, Kim’s little brother is getting better and better. And all his family is delighted with this metamorphosis. Just like the fans who were missing. There is no doubt that this Thanksgiving will be magical and unique for the clan!