Kim Kardashian will be “Careful” before getting married again


Kim Kardashian is still ready to get married, but will be “careful” after the three marriages of the Kardashian star ended in divorce. Kim has been happily dating Pete Davidson since she broke up with Kanye West. Kim took her time before moving on and spent almost a year alone before lighting a flame with the comedian. While Kim and Pete continue to gain strength, the SKIMS founder is weighing her options, whether she will ever walk down the aisle again.

Fans have looked inside two of Kim’s three failed marriages. She married and divorced her first husband, Damon Thomas, before finding fame as a reality TV star. Her second marriage to Chris Humphries lasted 72 days and is considered one of the shortest marriages in Hollywood history. Kim spent almost seven years married to Kanye before breaking up in February 2021. A couple with four children has made this divorce much more different from the previous two. Kim and Kanye have been arguing for months over custody issues and Kanye’s dislike of Pete. But Kim stood firm, becoming officially unmarried and continuing a relationship with the star of the show “Saturday Night Live.”

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Now that Kanye has come to terms with the fact that their marriage has broken up, Kim is starting to feel more comfortable in her new life with Pete. No matter how much Kim loves her beau, she is still biding her time when it comes to the idea of marriage. “I think I’m definitely going to be very careful because I’ve proven that maybe I’m not the best at this,” Kim said during an appearance on Today. “I don’t want to make that mistake again, so I really [will be careful].” She mentioned the Hollywood couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who have been together for more than three decades without getting married. “They seem to be doing it,” Kim said.

Kim also mentioned the 10 months it took her to open up to the idea of dating again after filing for divorce from Kanye, and how “pleasantly unexpected” it was to light a flame with Pete. Kim burst out laughing, how “good” it is to “have someone with whom you can really laugh and just be yourself.” Kim mentioned that she used to be allowed to be herself, but now she can be herself with someone who is “cheerful and happy.” Kim’s subtle revelations highlight how unhappy she could have been in the final days of her marriage to Kanye. It is reported that on the eve of the divorce, Kim and Kanye lived separately for several months.

When Kim continued filing documents, Kanye interrupted communication with the reality TV star. It took Kim months before she finally started dating again, despite Kanye being linked to different models. The rapper tried to bring Kim back, but in the end she focused on her own happiness. Kim teased details of her budding romance with Pete on the new Hulu series, but the comedian didn’t show up. If the couple continues to develop, he may come to the filming of the second season of The Kardashians.