Kim Kardashian: Why isn’t she talking about her divorce?


Kim Kardashian is breaking up with Kanye West. However, the star remains very discreet about her divorce and we know the reasons.

Kim Kardashian no longer supports the behavior of her husband Kanye West. The star is in the middle of a divorce, but refuses to talk about it out of pure strategy.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, this is the end. The two stars got married in 2016 and had the perfect love. In fact, they very quickly wanted to have a big, beautiful family. So Khloé’s sister got pregnant with the now 7-year-old North. She later had a baby boy, Saint.

However, a few years ago, the couple appealed to a surrogate mother to have more children. The star and her husband have just celebrated Chicago’s three years. Then they had Saint who is only one year old. Despite this beautiful family, the two stars have had their ups and downs.

Kim Kardashian has often had to deal with her husband’s crises. Recently, the rapper didn’t hesitate to humiliate him in public during a speech. Then, he put forward very personal details about their life as a couple as well as Kim K. Something to make her angry and she had a hard time forgiving him. Still, it seems she did everything to save her marriage.

After several attempts, North’s mother made a drastic decision. She no longer wants to stay with Kanye West and has started divorce proceedings. As echoed by Page Six, the two celebrities have armed themselves with lawyers in order to best defend their interests.


So why is Kim Kardashian being so discreet about her divorce? The starlet makes no mention of the end of her relationship with Kanye West. However, she no longer seems to want to post beautiful photos of her family. If she refuses to talk about her breakup, it’s because she reserves all her confidences for an event.

Kim K. along with her sisters chose to end Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So, if Page Six is ​​to be believed, the starlet will be talking about her divorce in the final episode of reality TV. Enough to end the show in style and mark the spirits forever. In fact, everyone has signed a confidentiality agreement.

“The Kardashians have every intention of (ending the show) with a bang. They filmed Kim discussing her marital issues. But all those involved have signed confidentiality agreements, because the final will not be broadcast until later in 2021 “, confided our colleagues.

It will therefore be understood, Kim Kardashian wants to make her divorce a big event in reality TV. Fans will therefore have to wait a while before discovering his many reactions to the end of his marriage with Kanye West. In any case, she seems to handle show business very well and her breakup is likely to get a lot of publicity.