Kim Kardashian was wearing joggers with Kanye West!


Kim Kardashian showed off her amazing outfit for her first meeting with hubby Kanye West! We let you discover …

Kim Kardashian shared a hilarious anecdote about her history with Kanye West! Indeed, the bomb had opted for a very casual outfit to meet the singer for the first time!

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is a true fashionista! Indeed, the bomb always wears very trendy outfits on a daily basis!

The sultry brunette loves to show off her assets with her clothes! She’s a big fan of sexy looks, and isn’t afraid to show off her dream body!

Still, the bombshell didn’t woo her ex Kanye West with her sultry outfits. Indeed, the latter wore a simple jogging the day of their meeting!

Kim Kardashian shared an amazing little anecdote about her meeting with the famous singer. The star recounted their first date in detail on her Twitter account in January 2019.

The young mom shared an old paparazzi photo from the 2007 MTV Music awards! It was on this date that the It girl first met Kanye West before falling under his spell. She tells :

“In this image, I was on my way to see Kanye perform at the MTV Music Awards. I didn’t really know him, but his team called my team lol. I was a girl in the audience when she performed in Vegas. ”


The cliché quickly challenged the Web! And for good reason: Kim Kardashian wore a very casual look to go see Kanye West at MTV!

The pretty brunette had opted for a neon pink jogging set with a white top. An outfit very different from his usual clothes!

Indeed, the bomb has swapped her sexy little outfits for a very comfortable casual outfit. But that obviously didn’t stop him from seducing Kanye West!

The rapper immediately fell in love with the sulphurous brunette! Like what, the latter does not need to do a lot to seduce!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have not left after this meeting. The lovebirds have lived a passionate story and we end up saying “yes” to each other in 2014.

The bomb has therefore carefully kept its outfit in memory of this unique day. She told her fans, “I still have that tracksuit and that bag.”


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