Kim Kardashian was caught at a party after filing for divorce

Kim Kardashian was caught looking prettier than ever, after it became known that she is separated from rapper Kanye West.

In Somagnews we let you know that on February 19, Kim Kardashian, the television star, requested the formal procedures of her divorce with rapper Kanye West, after having lived a romantic love story for almost seven years .

The 40-year-old American businesswoman did not start on the right foot in 2021, because after several speculations of a possible crisis in her marriage, they announced that the famous woman has been separated from the father of her daughters for a few months.

After it became known that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her, her decision has caused quite a stir on social networks, but what does the businesswoman look like? According to the Daily Mail, she went out to party, she went out with her sister Kourtney Kardashian for dinner and with other friends.

They capture Kim Kardashian with a flirty dress

And it is that, the website revealed that the celebrity of social networks decided to be distracted after requesting a divorce from her husband Kanye West, they announced that the famous went to the Beverly Hills host post Matsuhisa, the businesswoman wore a flirty dress.

The photographs that have been shared through social networks, it can be seen that the famous looks calm and happy in the middle of the process of her divorce, since it has been a difficult time for the television star and her family .

We recall that a source revealed to People magazine that Kim is disappointed that she could not resolve the differences with her husband in order to rescue her marriage, so now she has been focused on her tranquility.

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Kim Kardashian with that very tight dress, made it clear that she needs to be distracted by what has happened, and despite her divorce, the famous does not lose the style and glamor to be the center of media attention.



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