Kim Kardashian was accused of using filters on Today’s show


According to Kim Kardashian fans, The Kardashians star used a face filter during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The charges fall into a long list of accusations leveled against Kim for photoshopping, filtering and altering her appearance. The star appeared on The Tonight Show to promote her new SKKN skincare line, which she claims is the real reason her skin is so smooth and youthful; however, fans think otherwise. The Car-Jenners have established themselves as the face of perfection and have gone to great lengths to keep up with their image. Fans even accused Khloe Kardashian of filtering her daughter Tru Thompson’s face on Instagram.

During the SKKN promotion, Kim even admitted that she would eat poop if it meant she would look younger, which fans found disturbing. However, the claims about the filter are not the only thing that people have discussed in connection with her appearance on the “Evening Show”. At first, fans were concerned that the reality TV star had to interrupt her interview with Jimmy Fallon to tell her sons Saint and Psalm West, who were sitting in the audience, to behave themselves. Many fans believed that the whole stunt was a PR move to make her look like a kindred mother. After all, Kim was trying to sell SKKN to her audience.

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However, fans quickly moved on to another scandal, and now Kim is accused of using a filter on her face during her appearance on The Tonight Show. Instagram account @problematicfame shared photos from the show in their Instagram story, which they believe proves that Kim forced the show to add a filter to her face. The account was created to point out the editing that celebrities do with their photos and the plastic surgery procedures they’ve had so that young women don’t compare themselves to what they see on Instagram or in the media. The evidence they posted about Kim was taken from a quick video she shot with Jimmy before the interview, where they spoke strictly in rhyme schemes.

“Has anyone caught a filter failure here?” the account wrote, sharing the video in its Instagram story. The account then shared several photos that showed the difference in Kim’s appearance. In one frame from the video, Kim looked natural, with a visible skin texture and even some typical flaws. However, in the next frame, her skin looked smooth and flawless. They also noted that in one of the shots, Kim’s face looked blurry, as if she was trying to make her skin perfect.

The evidence is certainly strange and definitely seems real. For someone who was on the show to promote her skincare brand, it doesn’t look so good that she was trying to filter her skin. If her products are so great, shouldn’t she be proud of the way her skin looks? This isn’t the first time the Kardashian star has edited herself, and probably won’t be the last. As long as the Car-Jenners maintain their perfect appearance, there will be many more scandals with photoshop and filtering for Kim and her family.