Kim Kardashian wants to talk about her divorce!


Kim Kardashian has decided to talk about her couple! She would like to give more details about her divorce on her show!

After 6 years of marriage, it seems that the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is well and truly over! The star would even like to talk about her divorce on her TV show!

While they have gone through difficult times together, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cannot continue their journey together.

The American stars who had 4 children aged 19 months to 7 years are at the end of their rope. They wouldn’t be in love at all! It must be said that Kanye West’s mental health problems did not help matters.

The latter had insulted her wife in front of millions of people. He even accused her of infidelity. Yet a few months later, it was the singer who was accused of cheating on her wife with Jeffrey Star!

Kim Kardashian has therefore decided to put an end to this relationship. So she spends time with her children without her husband. She took a road trip with them, and she seemed very happy.

Moreover ! Kim Kardashian would have even hired a lawyer specializing in star separations. But she remained silent on the subject.


And for good reason ! She would love to talk about it on her reality TV show! The Keeping Up With the Kardashians show will therefore have an incredible audience score!

A close source therefore told our colleagues on Page Six: “They intend to leave on a big blow. They filmed Kim Kardashian talking about her marriage issues. But everyone involved signed a confidentiality agreement. Because the final season won’t air until later this year. ”

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One thing is certain, Kanye West does not like the idea: “He understands that Kim’s camp has to move on, that she is fed up with him. In fact, he’s tired of being around the Kardashians for a long time. Especially her mother whose shadow hangs over all the big decisions she makes. He knows what the Kardashians’ PR machine is capable of. And he finds it funny that his staff credits the disintegration of marriage on his candidacy for the presidential election. “


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