Kim Kardashian walked the runway at the Balenciaga fashion show


Kim Kardashian took a page from her sister Kendall Jenner’s book when The Kardashians star recently took to the runway at the Paris fashion show Balenciaga. In February, the company announced that Kim had become their brand ambassador, and around the same time they launched an advertising campaign in which the reality TV star appeared in tight outfits. It looks like Kim may have been aiming for the title, as her wardrobe for 2021 was filled with Balenciaga looks. One of the most popular styles that Kim regularly uses is what her fans call “putts”. Kim wore trousers and boots in different colors.

Before angering the world in a Marilyn Monroe dress at the 2022 Met Gala, Kim was dressed by Balenciaga for the 2021 event. The star was dressed in a black outfit that hid everything except her long black tail. As always, everyone was talking about Kim. When they didn’t point out how strange the outfit was, they explained its meaning, claiming that even without showing her face, everyone could still say it was Kim because her figure has become iconic in modern pop culture. The SKIMS founder also wore a series of pink Balenciaga looks for her Saturday night live promo week and completed it with a pink velvet Balenciaga jumpsuit for hosting.

Reality TV star┬áKim took on a new role at Balenciaga when she recently walked the runway at their Paris fashion show. Vogue reported that Kim took to the runway with actress Nicole Kidman, singer Dua Lipa and models Bella Hadid and Naomi Campbell. Kim was cheered on by her mother Kris Jenner and eldest daughter North West as she walked down the runway in her black Balenciaga dress. Under her dress she had the infamous “fetters” in black and shoulder-length black gloves that all models wore with their outfits.

Kim’s hair, which has remained bleached since the Met Gala in May, was pulled back from her face in a smooth bun. The Kardashian star mimicked other models and wore a very serious expression as she walked past her mother Kris in the audience, who was holding a phone to record her daughter in a moment reminiscent of her iconic “You Do Amazing, Cute” scene from the movie “The Kardashian Family.” In this scene, Kim also worked as a model, but did a photo shoot for Playboy, not for a runway show. Kim’s past experience on the catwalks includes several L.A. Fashion Week shows early in her career, including one for her fashion boutique DASH, which closed in 2018.

Whoever said models on catwalks should be tall has never seen a 5ft 2in reality TV star own a catwalk with her incredible presence. Given Kim’s love of Balenciaga and her role as an ambassador, it’s hard to imagine a show without the founder of SKKN. The star is likely to be one of the first celebrities to wear the new collection on the street, and fans will definitely recognize the brand’s eclectic style as soon as she does. The Kardashian star is perfectly matched with stars like Dua and Bella, who are 5 feet 8 and 5 feet 9 inches tall, respectively, and some may even claim that she stole the show.