Kim Kardashian: users disappointed in Instagram account!


Nothing is going well for Kim Kardashian! Indeed, her fans no longer support her behavior on Instagram and even consider her “boring”!

Kim Kardashian is no longer popular on Instagram! Indeed, the star annoys Internet users with his many product placements. The star has therefore received a wave of criticism on the web! We tell you everything!

Kim Kardashian has long been one of the most popular people on the web! Indeed, the star has more than 190 million fans on Instagram. And the latter is very close to its community!

The star has developed the habit of sharing her daily life with her subscribers since joining the social network. Private life, sport, projects … the star has almost no secrets from her fans!

Only, the bomb begins to become more and more discreet on his profile. Indeed, the sweetheart of Kanye West now favors product placements and sponsored content.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t hesitate to speak up to advertise her favorite products! The it girl also uses networks to promote her own brands. A lack of authenticity that is starting to annoy his fans!

Indeed, Internet users can no longer bear to see ads on their idol’s Instagram account. They therefore pushed a huge rant on the web!


Kim Kardashian has received a lot of criticism from her fans. And they don’t have their tongues in their pockets!

“You don’t even interact with us anymore! You only think about advertising “,” Your content does not interest me anymore “,” You are getting boring with all your ads! “,” Why not tell us about your studies, that could be very interesting! ”

No doubt: the bomb has gone too far with its collaborations!

So, will she understand the criticisms of her fans and diversify her publications in 2021? Case to follow!


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