Kim Kardashian turns into a pizza maker for her kids!


In Story on her Instagram account, the beautiful Kim Kardashian shared a video where she turned into a pizza maker for her children!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are the heads of a large family. Wanting their children to lack nothing, they don’t hesitate to give them everything. The pretty brunette can even turn into a pizza maker for them.

Seven years ago, Kim Kardashian gave birth to her 1st baby girl: North. The latter follows in the footsteps of her mother and her modeling career. Two years later, she had a difficult pregnancy for her baby boy North.

Kim Kardashian had serious health concerns throughout the nine months. So she made the decision to use surrogate mothers for her other children. This is the case for two-year-old Chicago.

In May 2019, the young woman also wished to have another baby. So it’s a little boy named Psalm, who was born to a surrogate mother, like her big sister before him. From now on, the beautiful takes advantage of her four children.


Kim Kardashian has decided to turn into a pizza maker for her little tribe. This Monday, December 21, she shared a new Story video from her Instagram account. She displayed herself making pizza.

And the least we can say is that the reality TV contestant has put water in the mouths of her fans. With tomato, cheese and mushroom pizzas, she delighted her little family.

A few minutes later, Kylie Jenner’s sister revealed a photo of the little tribe eating their pizza in front of the TV. If the beauty is filled with love with her children, she will not have any more.

Soon after Psalm was born, she also confided that she would stop at four babies!


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